December 2019 Dr. Jing Wang from Quebec City, Canada and Prof. Keith Barton from London come to Tema to perform sight-saving cataract and glaucoma surgery and to teach local doctors their trade. Accompanying them is biomedical technician Pak Sang Lee, also from London.

August 2019 Drs. Arvind Neel and Don Budenz spend a week in Tema, Ghana, teaching and 

providing glaucoma and cataract surgery to needy patients.

May 2019 Drs. Nick Bell and Peter Chang travel from Houston to teach surgery and provide clinical care to patients suffering with glaucoma and cataracts in Ghana.

February 2020 Dr. Alyson Hall, Anterior Segment Surgeon from the US, performs over 50 cataract and glaucoma procedures at the Tema Christian Eye Center, Ghana. 

Jing in Tema 12-19.jpg
Arvind in Tema 9-19.jpg